Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  My User Name and Password for Cal Perks is not working to access the discount I want.

Answer: Some of our partner vendors do you require an additional User Name and Password that is different from your Cal Perks login. This is because you are accessing a secured area of their website to purchase your tickets. If there is an additional User Name and Password required, it is always posted on the Cal Perks listing right below the link that you click on to get the discount. These passwords can be case and space sensitive, so please enter it the way it is posted. Also, copying the password and pasting it into the vendors website may not work. You actually have to type in the password.

Question:  I am trying to access a discount and the page will not load.

Answer:  Please try opening a different browser such as chrome or Firefox. Not all of our partner vendors are compatible with Internet Explorer. 

Question:  I want to go to the movies tonight. Can I buy discount tickets on Cal Perks and go to the movies today?

Answer:  Movie tickets are mailed to you via USPS. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery. Also, please note, that the movie tickets are the only vendor discount on Cal Perks that is not immediately available.

Question:  Are there any restrictions on the movie tickets?

Answer:  Each theatre may have different policies and restrictions for their movie tickets.  Please read the restriction information posted for each theatre on their Cal Perks listing.

Question:  Do you have a discount for Disneyland tickets?

Answer:  No, Cal Perks does not have a discount for Disneyland any longer. As of September 15, 2016 Disney decided to suspend all discount programs across for any large group or organization. 

Question:  I live in Northern California. Can I purchase discounts for Southern California?

Answer:  Yes, regardless of where you live, you may purchase discount tickets for anything on Cal Perks.

Question:  My company provides Cal Perks for me. Can I buy discount tickets for my family, or for relatives coming in town to visit? 

Answer:  Yes, you may utilize Cal Perks for you and your family.

Question:  I changed my mind and don't want the theme park tickets I purchased.  Can I return my tickets?

Answer:  No, all tickets are non-refundable once purchased per the policies of our Partner Vendors.  However, most tickets do not expire until the end of the year.